Plasticity in cortical networks & epilepsy


Sorbonne Universite. Master BIP. MU5BIN16

Hippocampus: from cells and physiology to human pathology and behavior

Hippocampus of the Brainbow mouse.
(c) Greg Dunn

The course, originally created by Richard Miles, a world-renowned expert in hippocampal circuitry, aims at providing a comprehensive overview of the biology of hippocampal cortex, ranging from anatomy, development and cellular organization, to the physiology of its neuronal networks and their involvement in behavior. 
The last day is devoted to the pathology of hippocampal cortex, focusing on Alzheimer's disease and epilepsy.
Speakers are among the best French experts in the field, with several invited speakers from research institutions outside the Paris area.
The course is open to all, students and faculty members. All lectures (except Prof. Hasboun's) and documents will be in English. The final exam can be taken in either French or English.

Planning of the course 2023-2024
(Documents will be added online from Dec. 11)

Day 1. (Monday Dec. 11    1:45PM)

- Introduction. Jean Christophe Poncer, Institut du Fer à Moulin

- Anatomy: hippocampus in its context  Christophe Destrieux,Univ. Tours

- Cellular and synaptic morphology  Eric Schwartz, SPPIN, Paris

Day 2. (Tuesday Dec. 12   10AM)

- Development  Fiona Francis, Institut du Fer a Moulin

- Physiology of cells and synapses  Rebecca Piskorowski, IPNP

- Long term synaptic plasticity  Jean Christophe Poncer, Institut du Fer à Moulin


Day 3. (Wednesday Dec. 13   2PM

- Rhythmic activities and behavior  Michaël Zugaro, Collège de France

- Hippocampus and spatial navigation  Vincent Hok, Aix-Marseille Université

Day 4. (Thursday Dec. 14    2PM)

- Hippocampus, brain states and memory   Gabrielle Girardeau, Institut du Fer à Moulin

- Functional imaging and episodic memory   Sophie Dupont, ICM/AP-HP


Day 5. (Friday Dec. 15   10AM       

- Temporal lobe epilepsies   Gilles Huberfeld, Collège de France  
- Hippocampus in Alzheimer's disease   Gaël Chetelat, Université de Caen Basse Normandie

Location : Institut du Fer à Moulin, salle de conférence (1st floor)

Written exam January 19, 2024. 9:15 - 11:15 AM.
, Campus Pierre & Marie Curie, Amphi B1
2 questions to choose among 4

Contact : Jean Christophe Poncer (01 45 87 61 18) or Eric Schwartz