Plasticity in cortical networks & epilepsy


Selected publications

Targeting pathological cells with senolytic drugs reduces seizures in neurodevelopmental mTOR-related epilepsy.

Ribierre T, Bacq A, Donneger F, Doladilhe M, Maletic M, Roussel D, Le Roux I, Chassoux F, Devaux B, Adle-Biassette H, Ferrand-Sorbets S, Dorfmüller G, Chipaux M, Baldassari S, Poncer JC, Baulac S. Nature Neuroscience 2024

Enhancing KCC2 function reduces interictal activity and prevents seizures in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy.

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bioRxiv 2023

Silencing KCC2 in mouse dorsal hippocampus compromises spatial and contextual memory.

Simonnet C, Sinha M, Goutierre M, Moutkine I, Daumas S, Poncer JC.

Neuropsychopharmacology 2023 48:1067-1077

Gephyrin Interacts with the K-Cl Cotransporter KCC2 to Regulate Its Surface Expression and Function in Cortical Neurons

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The Multifaceted Roles of KCC2 in Cortical Development.

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Convergence of adenosine and GABA signaling for synapse stabilization during development.

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Molecular Crowding and Diffusion-Capture in Synapses.

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Cation-chloride cotransporters and the polarity of GABA signaling in mouse hippocampal parvalbumin interneurons.

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KCC2 Regulates Neuronal Excitability and Hippocampal Activity via Interaction with Task-3 Channels.

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KCC2 membrane diffusion tunes neuronal chloride homeostasis.

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Reciprocal Regulation of KCC2 Trafficking and Synaptic Activity.

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Activity-Dependent Inhibitory Synapse Scaling Is Determined by Gephyrin Phosphorylation and Subsequent Regulation of GABAA Receptor Diffusion.

Battaglia S, Renner M, Russeau M, Côme E, Tyagarajan SK, Lévi S.

eNeuro 2018 5(1)

GABAA receptor dependent synaptic inhibition tunes KCC2 activity via the Cl-sensitive WNK1 kinase.

Heubl M, Zhang J, Pressey JC, Al Aabdh S, Renner M, Gomez-Castro F, Moutkine I, Eugene E, Russeau M, Kahle K, Poncer JC, Lévi S

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Pyk2 modulates hippocampal excitatory synapses and contributes to cognitive deficits in a Huntington's disease model.

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Multiscale single-cell analysis reveals unique phenotypes of raphe 5-HT neurons projecting to the forebrain.

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KCC2 gates activity-driven AMPA receptor traffic through cofilin phosphorylation.

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An organotypic brain slice preparation from adult patients with temporal lobe epilepsy.

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Two novel CLCN2 mutations accelerating chloride channel deactivation are associated with idiopathic generalized epilepsy.

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