Plasticity in cortical networks & epilepsy


Selected publications


GABAA receptor dependent synaptic inhibition tunes KCC2 activity via the Cl-sensitive WNK1 kinase.

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Pyk2 modulates hippocampal excitatory synapses and contributes to cognitive deficits in a Huntington's disease model.

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Multiscale single-cell analysis reveals unique phenotypes of raphe 5-HT neurons projecting to the forebrain.

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Brain Struct Funct 2016 22: 4007-4025


KCC2 gates activity-driven AMPA receptor traffic through cofilin phosphorylation.

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Benzodiazepine ligands rapidly influence GABAA receptor diffusion and clustering at hippocampal inhibitory synapses.

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An organotypic brain slice preparation from adult patients with temporal lobe epilepsy.

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Molecular and functional characterization of GAD67-expressing, newborn granule cells in mouse dentate gyrus

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Input specific learning rules at excitatory synapses onto hippocampal parvalbumin-expressing interneurons.

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A human mutation in Gabrg2 associated with generalized epilepsy alters the membrane dynamics of GABAA receptors.

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The neuronal K-Cl cotransporter KCC2 influences postsynaptic AMPA receptor content and lateral diffusion in dendritic spines.

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Two novel CLCN2 mutations accelerating chloride channel deactivation are associated with idiopathic generalized epilepsy.

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